**NEW** Wolverine TransMedia All-in-one Home Movies Digitizer
Resurrect and Preserve Your Old Videos From Camcorders, VCR’s and DVD’s into Today’s Digital Formats

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Resurrect and preserve your old videos from Camcorders, VCR’s and DVD’s into today’s digital formats that you can record direct to SD-cards, Flash drives, Hard Drives or burn DVD’s using the built-in DVD recorder/player. This multi faceted machine not only records but also can be used as multimedia player to your TV through its HDMI output. Furthermore, use the TransMedia as a backup device. Directly copy any data from SD-Cards to Flash-Drives or Hard-Drives or visa versa.

Recoding Options:

  • AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to DVD-ROM
  • AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card
  • DVD to USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card
  • USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card to DVD-ROM

Playback to TV or 4.3” Built-in LCD from:

  • DVD
  • SD-Card
  • Flash-Drive
  • Hard-Drive

Ports and Drives
AV-RCA-IN, DVD (in/out/play), SD-Card (Read/write/play), USB port (read/write/play), HDMI-out, 4.3” color LCD.

Dimensions: 6(W)x6(L)x1.5(H) inches

TransMedia: I copied to DVD but it wont play on my DVD player

To play recordings on a stand-alone DVD Player you need to setup the machine to record as "Video".

Go to "Menu" > "Setup > DVD Burn Type > Select "Video" and press Enter.

Please, note that the default is to record to DVD's as DATA that can only be read through Computers.

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